When Is It Time to Change Your ERP?


When Is It Time to Change Your ERP?
If you are running a large manufacturing company, one of the ways you can improve your revenue performance is by ensuring you streamline processes. You can use an ERP system to increase efficiency of your company’s processes. The systems are effective, powerful and crucial to your company’s growth. Learn more about data loader for salesforceView keyword trend, go here.
However, sometimes an ERP may not be helping your company work optimally. This is especially if the system is outdated or poorly matched for your needs. In such a case, it would be wise to get it replaced.  Find out for further details right here https://www.celigo.com/products/data-loader-tool/.
There are a number of tell-tale signs that can help you know when it’s time to replace your ERP. These include:
i) It lack basic featuresAn ERP system is meant to improve efficiency at your company. However, things will not be handed on a gold-leafed platter. On the minimum, the system should allow you to log in, perform certain every day duties, and get the job done. If your system does not help you accomplish basic tasks, then it is time to replace it.
There are various reasons why an ERP system may not be suitable for your company’s day to day activities. For example, you may have experienced growth and taken a different direction from that which the ERP was initially configured for.
ii) Lack of synergy across systemsYou probably use multiple systems at your company. For example, you may have different systems for HR engagement, payment gateways, CRM, accounting and so on. If these systems cannot be integrated with each other and the ERP, achieving efficiency will be difficult. You will always have a problem of data entry, which wastes time and manpower.
One of the aims of using an ERP is to make your work easier, not harder. Look for a system that can be integrated with the crucial applications your business may already be using.
iii) Poor raw dataIf the raw data produced by the ERP is not good, you have a problem. Data is crucial to knowing various aspects of your business operations. For example, the ERP should help you know the state of your company at any one time through providing real-time data on inventory, sales, invoices, payments, and so on. Getting real time data is crucial to making decisions that will make or break your business. If your system does not provide the data you require, it’s time to replace it.
The above are three instances that indicate you need to replace your ERP system.


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